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Author: Amir Raesian Firouzabad Attorney at Law

Although in our country, the regulations office of the judiciary, is not specialized as we observe in some countries  and each lawyer has  permission and jurisdiction of any case, but this fact that technically, any lawyer of any type of cases doesn’t have adequate awareness, is undeniable. Artist-related cases are also remarkable in two aspects, one issue is that the subjects of "artistic cases" have an artistic nature and the handling of these issues requires artistic understanding. On the other hand, artists have a lot of differences with ordinary clients. For example, it can be noted that almost all of the legal problems of artists comes from the fact that due to their specific personality and cultural characteristics, these groups are not familiar with the rules of the market, legal and legal requirements, contractual delicacies and financial matters. The same distances from the marketplace and the bargains have sometimes caused simple issues for these categories of citizens to become complex legal issues. For this reason, Law Art Office (LAWRT) has dedicated the first stage and level of its services to providing these kinds of advice to artists, aiming at eliminating such problems and vacancies. In this regard, lawyers specializing in arts and lawyers in art Has been instrumental in helping to prevent legal problems for artists and to prepare legal and legal conditions for the development and promotion of art. In these consultations, we will observe three fundamental principles:

 1. Familiarity and specialization on the topic

There may even be several days of specialized work on the subject to comply with this principle. There may be several similar cases, there may be non-legal studies, but at any cost, the specialized aspects of the case should be discovered for your legal counsel.

2. Privacy and confidentiality:

This is important in all cases, but in such cases, the confidentiality of a principle is unclear, and the principle is therefore important. In most cases, it is necessary that issues relating to artists in a non-public space and without seamless personal and private information and art.

3. Ability to perform the result of counseling and attempt to seek the right to counsel:

This principle means that there will never be any suggestions that can not be executed or succeeded in executing it.  We believe that the time, energy, motivation and peace of the artists is more important and more valuable than the mere pursuit of cases that certainly will not succeed in them. Although no legal system can guarantee the success of a case, a definitive failure can be predicted, in a case that would certainly fail, and prevented further damage.

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